Premaitha Health in European diagnostics partnership

Premaitha Health announces a partnership with a major European diagnostics services group to implement the IONA test in at least two laboratories.

Premaitha, via its distribution network, has secured a four-year Master Procurement Agreement (MPA) with the unnamed diagnostics services group to install the IONA test in at least two of the customer's laboratories.

The customer intended to provide non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) services to its international network through these laboratories, with the potential to install the IONA test in additional laboratories in due course.

The customer has a network of laboratories across Europe and was a leading provider of diagnostic testing, carrying out more than 100 million diagnostic tests annually.

"The MPA sets out terms and pricing under which the IONA test can be offered across the Customer's European hospital and laboratory network," said Premaitha in a statement.

"The first implementation under the MPA has already been agreed, which will see the IONA test installed in a central France laboratory shortly."

The second implementation was expected to begin in a different European country during the course of 2017.