ValiRx notes positive VAL201 clinical trial

ValiRx announces positive results in its VAL201 personalised Phase l/II prostate cancer study with accumulation of safety and tolerability data there is also evidence of disease stabilisation on CT imaging and reduction in PSA progression in the majority of patients.

The Company has extended the study to more clinical sites involving more patients in order to build on these initial positive findings.

VAL201 is unlike current therapies for advanced prostate cancer, which often include androgen deprivation.

VAL201 is intended to target a specific pathway from the androgen receptor, treating the cancer without suppressing sexual and other functions and without many other debilitating side effects many therapies have.

Building on these positive results, ValiRx is adding additional clinical sites to participate in the dose-escalating, therapeutically relevant phase of the trial to arrive at the maximum tolerated dose.

This can be taken forward by the Company or a partner into subsequent, larger, outcomes-oriented clinical trials to establish its effect on overall survival and health-related quality of life in patients with prostate cancer.