Vectura sees FY 2016 revenues in line

Vectura said revenues for 2016 are anticipated to be in line with the board's expectations, with positive momentum from the seven key recently-launched inhaled products.

These products included flutiform, Ultibro Breezhaler, Seebri Breezhaler and the GSK Ellipta products, which provided a strong base of recurring revenue, the company said.

"The continued weakness of sterling against the Group's main trading currencies, in particular the US dollar and Euro, has also benefited reported results," it added.

"Volumes in the flutiform supply chain have been at record levels and good progress is being made with the previously-announced capital expenditure initiatives to expand capacity.

"Ultibro continues to benefit from strong data from the FLAME study as well as the results of the CRYSTAL study showing improved lung function and COPD symptoms after direct switch from previous treatment.

"In addition, on 6 January 2017 Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. reported preliminary unaudited net sales of EXPAREL in Q4 2016 were $71.4 million, compared to $67.2 million for Q4 2015.

"The Group earns a three percent. share of net sales (on a cash received basis) and is also eligible for a sales milestone of $32 million when worldwide annual net sales of the product reach $500 million (on a cash received basis)."