Verseon anticoagulants preserve platelet function

Verseon said pre-clinical research shows that its new class of direct thrombin inhibitors (VE-DTIs) are able to prevent thrombosis while preserving platelet function.

These findings provide a rationale why the VE-DTIs have a significantly reduced bleeding risk when compared to current novel oral anticoagulants (NOACs) in preclinical testing.

The key finding of this study is that Verseon's potent, highly selective direct thrombin inhibitors do not disrupt platelet function, while they still block fibrinogen cleavage.

NOACs are associated with bleeding risk and are known to strongly inhibit thrombin-mediated platelet activation, hence affecting platelet function. Compared to the NOACs, the VE-DTIs inhibit thrombin-mediated platelet activation from 19- to 900-fold less strongly.

While the VE-DTIs preserve platelet function, preclinical studies show that they act as effective anticoagulants, preventing arterial and venous thromboembolism, as well as thrombin-induced pulmonary embolism, with efficacy comparable to that of existing anticoagulants.