IN BRIEF: Harland & Wolff faces strike at Methil facility


Harland & Wolff Group Holdings PLC - Belfast-based offshore construction company - Says local representatives of the trade unions GMB and Unite have decided to call a ‘wildcat strike’ of the workforce at its Methil facility in Scotland. Explains that it sought legal advice and is convinced that the strike is illegal. Plans to engage in discussions with the local trade union representatives in order to reach a ‘mutually agreed position’ and start negotiations on a collective bargaining deal as quickly as possible.

Notes that the wages of the local workforce have been paid on time and will continue to be paid in line with their respective employment contracts.

‘[W]e believe that trade unions should be recognised and collective bargaining agreements should be negotiated in good faith. However, there is a process to be followed and illegal, unjustified strike action achieves very little except for bringing the company, the workforce and the wider economy into disrepute and causing unnecessary uncertainties. The company is engaged in constructive dialogue at all levels with the trade unions and will seek to reach mutual agreement as quickly as possible,’ Chief Executive John Wood says.

Current stock price: 14.00 pence

12-month change: down 47%

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