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Pension rules have changed in the budget. Find out what this means for your SIPP.

The budget and SIPPs Q&A
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Q. Could a SIPP be right for me?

Q. Am I eligible for a SIPP?

Q. Is a SIPP a stakeholder pension?

Q. Can I take out a SIPP alongside other pensions?

Q. How can I apply for a SIPP?

Q. What can I invest in with a SIPP?

Q. Is it possible to open a SIPP in joint names?

Q. Can I open a SIPP for my child/grandchild?

Q. Do I have to decide where I invest my money straightaway?

Q. Do I have to contribute a minimum amount?

Q. When will I receive the tax reclaim for the contributions paid into my SIPP?

Q. Can I invest directly in residential property?

Q. Can I invest in commercial property?

Q. Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Q. Can I change my investments?

Q. How can I buy or sell the investments in my SIPP?

Q. Who do I contact if I am having problems logging into my account?

Q. What are the costs associated with a SIPP

Q. What rate of interest will I earn on the cash held in my SIPP?

Q. How can I pay money into my account?

Q. How do I pay for my deals?

Q. How quickly will my deal be processed?

Q. How long does it take before I can invest my sale proceeds?

Q. When will I receive statements?

Q. How are dividends paid on the investments in a SIPP?

Q. Can I invest on a monthly basis?

Q. Can I make regular investments?

Q. Can I transfer my existing pension into a SIPP?

Q. How long does it take to transfer a SIPP, ISA or dealing account with another provider to AJ Bell Youinvest?

Q. Can I transfer an occupational pension to a SIPP?

Q. Can my employer contribute to my SIPP on my behalf?

Q. Can I give a member of my family access to my account(s)?

Q. Can I appoint a Representative to have access to my account(s)?

Q. Does AJ Bell offer any other SIPPs?

Q. What is the ‘pension input period’?

Q. Can I transfer out to another pension?

Q. What is taking benefits?

Q. How do I start taking benefits from my SIPP?

Q. How do I request an income payment from my SIPP?

Q. What are annuities?

Q. What is income drawdown?

Q. What happens if I die?

Q. What are the terms and conditions of your SIPP?

Q. What rules govern my SIPP?

Q. What if I change my mind?

Q. Are there any compensation arrangements covering your SIPP?

Q. Can you give me advice?

Q. What if I have any further questions?

Q. What if I have a complaint?

Q. How safe are my investments with you?

Q. How can I change my contact details held with you?

Important information
The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back your original investment. Tax rules can change in the future and the tax treatment depends on your personal circumstances.
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Easy to use website and helpful customer service
Always prompt, clear and effective.
Excellent and continues to get better.
Very good customer service and platforms (web and mobile). Pricing structure is very good.
Easy to navigate and quick responses if there is an issue.
100% accurate and always quick to respond to queries.
Very good service overall.
Very easy to use website, with very useful information. When I had to contact customer services they have been very helpful
Have had no problems quick reply's to e-mail web site easy to use very happy
All straightforward, pension transfers handles very efficiently. Website is easy to use.
Great costs, consistent and reliable service, flexible products, and seem to know very well what it is I want from them.
Extremely competitive rates with a wide range of products enabling me to get sufficiently diversified portfolio without the costs reducing my returns significantly.
Good platform, easy to use, low dealing costs, no hidden costs, good customer service.
Excellent site, clearly laid out, gives me all I need to research, buy/sell stocks and monitor them, plus they don't pester.
An easy website for getting valuations and making transactions. Very efficient administration when making transfer payments in.
Used you for a number of years now. Website works efficiently; staff are always courteous, helpful and well-informed. No complaints.
Very easy to use platform and when needed the staff are knowledgeable and courteous
Very reliable, informative and forward thinking
Very happy with your service, the speed in which we can finance our two accounts and the ease in dealing! Thank You
Very happy to be in charge of my own funds and at a low cost.
Excellent trading platform and value for money cost structure.
Using the service is a pleasure and I have not had any problems
Very easy to use, and simple to buy and sell, and monitor.
Fast and efficient, with innovative incentives.
Service very good, web interface excellent, charges very reasonable
Simple to use, professional and efficient facility
Simple, easy to operate, low to nonexistent fees and helpful staff. What's not to like?
Good website, good communication, innovative products, reasonable charges. Just what I need in an online provider.
I would recommend the company to anyone, fair charges, excellent service.
Very easy to do business with and responsive if I have any questions.